Lev & So is a brand born out of necessity, the need to wear contemporary jewellery with a trendy twist. The classic and effortless style makes the brand relevant to everyone, from unprocessed pearls to timeless beads that could have been inherited from grandma.

It all began when Yagel, the brand’s founder, was having trouble finding a unique and stylish necklace for herself. After finding no success Yagel decided to make one on her own, with her mother, Michal, helping. From this small studio in Jerusalem Lev & So was officially born.

Each piece of Lev & So is handmade, with lots of thought and care in every chain and bead. They draw inspiration from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, from the architecture, to the fashion, to the photography, and everything in between. They combine the past and the present to create timeless staples that fit modern and trendy outfits in any season or setting.


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